Powerbronze Crash Posts Tiger 800

Part No: JL-720-T108-003

Crash Posts Tiger 800

The new crash post generation: the X-PAD with integrated shock absorber.

Other manufacturers produce only simple solid crash posts which have one disadvantage: in case of a crash the impact energy can be transferred directly (or via adaptor plates) to the mounting points on the bike's frame or engine. In worst cases these frame or engine lugs can crack and break. This risk is extensively reduced with the new X-PAD technology. Between the plastic bottom and the mounted floating head (with six bolts), a shock absorber is installed. In case of a crash this allows the X-PAD to compress in a progressive way, absorbing the impact energy and transforming it into a softer impact. This greatly reduces the chance of frame cracks.

The X-PAD is the only crash post that can offer this attribute, a MUST for everyone who wants to ride safe.

X-PAD's are always supplied as a set for left and right side and include a full fitting kit.

The use of crash protectors is at the full risk of the owner or user of the bike. We do not take any risk or responsibility for any damage in case of a crash at any speed.


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