RG Off Set Cotton Reels Stand Bobbins

Part No: CR0055BK
Offset Cotton Reels for Triumph Street Twin '16-, Thruxton 1200 / R '16- (CR0055BK)

R&G Offset Cotton Reels directly replace the OE chain adjusters on the rear swingarm, off-setting the cotton reel mounting point from installed directly into the swingarm, instead into a specially machined metal bracket. Offering the best of both worlds in terms of crash protection and functionality with the ability to use the R&G Offset Cotton Reels bobbins as paddock stand bobbins, for maintenance and tyre changes as well as offering crash protection to the rear wheel components. Specially designed for the Triumph Street Twin '16- and Thruxton 1200 / R '16- models, these Offset Cotton Reels are designed to replace the OEM chain adjuster blocks, offsetting the cotton reel installation point further rearward, this is because, under extreme riding condition, the OEM/Aftermarket exhausts have been known to impact with a standard sized (traditionally swingarm mounted) cotton reel. Available in BLACK only - Sold in pairs.

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