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Mon, 10 Dec 2018

Bikers making a difference

The biking community raise lots of money for charity throughout the year and we love to support a good cause when we see one. One of our customers has been making a difference to lives in the Surrey & South London as a volunteer for SERV. 

SERV are an organisation run by volunteers all over the UK helping to deliver blood to local hospitals for people who need it the most. Our customer Louisa is part of SERV and her Triumph Motorcycle was supplied to SERV from Jack Lilley Ashford, along with numerous other motorcycles over the years. 

The work SERV do is beyond amazing and we are proud to be able to work with such an important cause. Louisa also uses her motorcycle to deliver all important breastmilk to local hospitals and recently embarked on a 100 mile round trip collecting breastmilk to take to poorly or premature babies at St Peters in Chertsey. Louisa posted about her journey on her Facebook page and the post has received a lot of well deserved attention. 

Check out Louisa's Facebook post and find out more about the important work SERV and their volunteers do for our local hosptials.