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Thu, 23 May 2019

Steve takes Triumph to the Pendine Sands

Steve Walton, Sales Manager at Triumph East London recently returned to the infamous Pendine Sands in South Wales in an attempt to gain another land speed record in addition to those he already holds. Pendine Sands has been synonymous with land speed events since Malcolm Campbell set a new world land speed record with his car ‘Bluebird’ in the nineteen twenties and more recently with actor Idris Elba setting a new record there in 2015.

For his latest attempt Steve chose to enter the up to 750cc Production class aboard his recently acquired Triumph Daytona 675 which is still in standard specification. Once the tide had receded the Straightliners, the timing crew prepared and measured the course before racing could commence. The sand was in good condition to start with but an off-shore breeze didn’t help matters. Riding on sand at speed is all about being as smooth as possible as the surface can be unpredictable with traction being at a premium. Two distances were being used on this occasion and as Steve started to get to grips with the conditions his speeds gradually increased. Several runs were made but as the sand conditions started to deteriorate most of the speeds recorded began to decrease, however, this didn’t stop Steve establishing a new ‘Flying Quarter Mile’ speed record of 153.716mph. Better still Steve also broke the existing Standing Mile record by a substantial margin with a top speed of 155.243 mph – to say he was pleased with the result is a bit of an understatement!

Steve said ‘’I am delighted to come away with these new records. Pendine Sands are steeped in land speed history for both cars and motorcycles and I’m elated to have now put the Triumph name in the record books once again’’!