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Mon, 04 Feb 2019

Triumph Immersion Event Highlights

A handful of lucky team members from Lind Triumph have just returned from Malaga where they attended the Triumph Immersion Event. The team got to put the latest Triumph Motorcycles to the test in the winter sun and got to explore the new functions and features ready for the reveal of the new models at our Season Open Evening on Thursday 21 February. 

Marc Jordan from our Triumph East London branch was one of the team members who flew out to put the latest additions to the test and we've got some feedback from him on the new models, his trip and what you can expect from Triumph in 2019.

"Upon arrival in sunny Malaga we were briefed by the Triumph team on the impressive technology, exciting accessories and safety features of the new models we would be riding the next day.

I woke to more sunshine and the excitement of riding the latest Triumph Motorcycles around Spain’s twisty mountain roads. After breakfast we attended a rider briefing and you could feel the buzz in the room, we were allocated our groups and our lead riders. It was great to see some famous faces, one of which was two times TT winner Gary Johnson and ‘This Is England’ actor Andrew Shim. We then travelled to the hotel car park which was a sea of shiny new motorcycles, each of us was given a GoPro camera to record the days antics.

We set off at 10 minute intervals in groups, there were a few stops and coffee breaks for us to swap bikes along the route. Firstly I rode the Speed Twin which I got on with straight away. It is comfortable, light, very easy to ride with lots of torque. I then moved on to the stunning Scrambler 1200 XE as we hit more winding roads. The Scrambler 1200 XE was my favourite bike of the day; so much fun, full of exciting features, amazing handling, lots of power and seriously cool looking. We then stopped for lunch just outside Marbella and I swapped for the XC version of the Scrambler 1200; this bike was great through the towns, extremely enjoyable and again very easy to ride.

The dash on both 1200 Scramblers is a great bit of kit full of useful information that can be personalised to each rider and so simple to navigate. We headed back up another mountain pass and this time on the updated Street Scrambler. I could really notice the improved cartridge front suspension and the Brembo front brakes which was reassuring as there was some very tight winding roads high up the pass with scary drops to the side of the group. For the last leg of the ride after around 200 miles we passed through picturesque towns and villages. I was on the new and improved Street Twin. The extra seat height was good for me and the extra 10 BHP was noticeable.

This was some of the best motorcycling I have ever experienced. 2019 is looking to be a very exciting year for Triumph who I believe are at the top of their game."

Don't miss your chance to explore the latest models at our upcoming Season Open Evening. Visit our Jack Lilley Ashford and Triumph East London dealers on Thursday 21 February to experience the latest Triumph Motorcycles, get up close and personal with the new techology and more.